Northern Spy

Northern Spy

Jen made a trip to the grocery the other day and was excited to see a bunch of new apple breeds on the shelf. She brought home a small selection of them, this is the first of those.

Raw, they have the slightly grainy texture reminiscent of a macintosh, but not terribly sweet and what I might describe as a bitter finish. Definitely not an apple I would select for casual raw eating. But… the Opal is one of my favorite raw apples and it was awful cooked, so possibly the reverse is true?

Sadly no…

Cooked, the bitter after taste is amplified somewhat and the scent is almost bread like. After 40 minutes in the oven, much of the body was still quite firm and resistant to the spoon. The bits that had softened had become complete mush. not much middle ground here. I can see where this might be a good apple to add to an otherwise overly sweet pie. The inherent bitterness might add an interesting complexity. and the complete breakdown of the structure might make it a good, binding filling. But I can’t recommend it as a standalone pie apple.

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