Baking Apples

This is to be a compendium of apple types and the results of baking them. I have particular desires when it comes to baking apples, which may not be shared by anyone else, but hopefully this info will be useful to someone. It will get updated with corresponding blog entries


bake apple for about 30-40 minutes at 415ºF. add some butter and sprinkle with white sugar. baste with the syrup as it cooks. or at least at the end.

PippinPippin Applietart, a bit grainy
Galavery firm, a bit tasteless
Pink PearlPink Pearl appledelightful!Oh yes!
FujiFuji applevery tart, very first. would probably need to be diced for a pie
MutsuMutsu applealso delightful, similar to the Pink PearlYes!
OpalOpal applevery grainy, slightly bitter.No!
CameoCameo applesfine textured, not a distinctive flavor. good filler applemeh
PearmainPearmain applepearlike in texture, pearlike in flavor. seems to disintegrate easily. good fillernot alone
AmbrosiaAmbrosia applepleasant but undistinctive. if you want an apple to shine in a pie, pick something else.yes

Lady Alice
Lady Alice applethis was a pleasant surprise. just a hint of tart, but a very solid feel. will fall apart if over baked, but seems to have a lot of pectin.yes!
FortuneFortune Applessurprisingly pretty good. just enough character to be noticeable, but not enough to dominateyes
KanziKanzi Applesnot recommended. sour rather than tart and the texture tended to the unpleasantly grainyno
Granny Smithprototypical pie apple. lots of pectin to form a good gel inside the pie crust.Yes
Arkansas BlackArkansas Blacknon-descriptmeh
Northern SpyNorther Spy appleslightly bitter. either too hard or mushNo
Calville Blancnot bad. Granny Smith like, but less textureyes