Olla Cap Bouquet

Fooling around with glazes…

Just a bit of fooling around. Had made a few terra cotta olla pots for the garden, and then had a need for caps to cut down on mosquito breeding.

These are Laguna Frost ^5 porcelain with a variety of Amaco glazes, though the two purple ones in back are Tacoma Clay art center’s eggplant satin glaze.

Mostly these were just an exercise in throwing off the hump. I threw about 30 all together, about half of which s-cracked. I attribute must of the cracking to the drying pattern. About half of them are also a bit small, but I knew that going in, I figured they would make worthwhile practice in texture making, carving and glaze combinations. Much more attractive than test tiles and they’ll serve their purpose crack or no crack…

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