Lucy Glo

An unassuming apple…
With a surprise inside!

The Lucy Glo apple was a bit of a surprise. Like many of the apples I’ve been trying out here, I’d never heard of it. Its defining characteristic is the bright red flesh, though from the outside you might mistake it for a pink lady.

Raw, it is definitely not tart, I would go so far as to describe it as ‘dry’ even. The bright red flesh is a bit of a shock though, sort of felt like I was in a horror move as I bit in and felt the juices flow… there’s a slight astringent quality to it. And the texture was crisp though a little grainy.

Cooked, much of the character and flavor are gone. I do think that adding one of these, sliced thin, to a pie filling would add a pleasant visual element to an otherwise monochromatic filling. Indeed, as it was still crisp after 40 minutes, it could add texture as well, but I wouldn’t want it to be the focus apple.

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