Another #1 Cereal Bowl

This is likely to become a regular feature here, given that it was the impetus to take up pottery to begin with.

One thing that has already happened is that these things have become my go-to way to make a useful glaze combination test. rather than simply making a cone or chip to try out a combination, I tend to apply the combo to a bowl, take it home and live with it for a while and see whether I still like it a couple of weeks later. If it passes that test, then I’ll make more for the next open house or sale…


For the curious, the visible glazes here are (from top to bottom):

  • Amaco PC-42 Seaweed
  • Amaco PC-55 Chun Plum
  • Amaco PC-53 Ancient Jasper

on Seattle Pottery Supply’s ‘Vashon White’ clay body fired to cone 5.

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