#1 Cereal Bowl

What actually makes the ideal cereal bowl. Everybody has a different idea, but I thought that it began with a simple set of criteria:

  • hold a good sized (but not outsized) serving
  • able to be held in one hand for when not eating at a table
  • should have enough of a foot to separate the temperature of your hand from the temperature of what was in the bowl
  • the sides should tumblehome (curve inwards) enough to cause things to fall back into the spoon when scraped up the sides
  • the rim should flare out at a comfortable angle for sipping from
  • the curve of the bowl should be such that the edge of a common dessert spoon can squeegee along the sides to get the last of whatever is in there.

Since I had not been able to find such a bowl, I decided that I should try and make one.

#1 Cereal Bowl
An attempt at the ideal cereal bowl

This is the end result, well… one of them anyway. I hope to be posting on a variety of subjects here, because as the name suggests, I do tend to act on the Creative Yen, regardless of the medium or direction that it may demand.

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