Slow going, but still going

Now, with necks!

Since the last time, the three ukuleles have bridges and the necks are now fitted. The utterly unnecessary carbon fiber truss rods are installed. The 4 banjolele variants (2 tenor banjoleles, one actual banjo, and one 6 string short scale guitar/banjo… (not quite sure what they’re called…)) have been reinforced for the strain, and their necks are also now fitted. Next step, carving the necks.

To that end, I’m aiming for some consistency here. One of the prototype banjoleles has a near ideal neck, and my niece carved one for another prototype which is a beaut, but for a couple of reasons I can’t use it as I intended, but I am going to pattern off of it, it really is quite nice.

Then, finishing. I know the 335 is going to be red. As is at least one of the banjo types. My attempts at sunbursts so far have been pretty abysmal, though I know I’ll get it right one of these days… the Firebird sort of calls for it. Maybe an electric blue for the Explorer?

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