Another Ukulele

Firebird version

I’ve been working on a second ukulele recently, less extreme in shape, but considerably more difficult to execute. Bending some of the more acute curves required several attempts before I got some sides that didn’t splinter.

By the way, it turns out wood and hair bend in roughly the same temperature range. A selection of good curling irons in various sizes work wonders as convenient bendingirons. I got a 2” one to try it out and had to run over to target to get a smaller one to do that curve buy the neck joint. (Just make sure the barrel is cylindrical!)

I think the explorer model was drastically over braced, so using this one as an experiment to see if I can get away with a lot less bracing. Still trying to decide what shape the bridge saddle and sound holes will be. I was thinking modernist f-style teardrops, but also considering something pickup shaped, considering the inspiration…

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