A Potato Experiment

Recently went to the local PCC and noticed they had a variety of potatoes available.

clockwise from top left, Russet, Yukon Gold, Blue, Red

Decided that a thing to do would be to pan fry one or two of each just to see how they’d turn out. Similar to the apples experiments, just wanted to know what they’d actually do.

The potato types are: the Russet, traditionally a baking potato; Yukon Gold, a somewhat more waxy example; Red, traditionally (in my experience) used in potato salads and such; and Blue potatoes, which I’ve never used for this sort of thing before.

They were pan fried in a couple tablespoon fulls of olive oil over a relatively low heat for about a half an hour, or until tender all the way through…

End results: Jen voted for the red potato being closest to a classic French Fry flavor and texture and I tend to agree. The Russet, however, is generally one of my favorite potatoes and I think makes a nice crusted texture that works well for pan fries. The Yukon Gold was intensely waxy and I would suggest that it is entirely inappropriate for this means of cooking. The Blue was nearly as waxy and had the flavor leaning towards a yam. Interesting, but probably not something I’d lean towards in the future, at least not for this type of cooking.

The next potato experiment will probably be a braise type of thing. not sure when it will take place though.

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