November Open House

Coincident with the November Georgetown Art Attack, Creative Yen Acts will be having and open house on November 12th, from 6-9 p.m. Various ceramic pieces will be available or on display. Also showing some wood carving and paintings.

2 thoughts on “November Open House

  1. I love the two vases… really beautiful . Can I put a candle in the blue and green vase? do you sell these? can they just be a mat finish? 🙂 lovely colors


    1. You might fit a candle in there, but it’s not really meant for that. I have been thinking of making things like this bottomless or in two pieces to make that easier. I do sell them, though I have not yet posted these particular pieces on my etsy shop yet.
      The Georgetown art attacks are the second Saturday of every month, though I can be ‘open by appointment’.
      The finish is glaze dependent, each glaze has its own properties. Each piece uses them in their own way… The glazes that run tend not to be matte.


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